Advance Aquarium Water Change Calculator

If not done properly, water change can be very risky and fatal to fish and aquarium inhabitants. We created this water change calculator to help you plan and understand the effect of water change in the parameters of your aquarium ahead of time.

Simply fill in your aquarium parameters and your tap water parameters and the calculator will calculate the approximate parameters of your tank after you perform the water change. This will help you avoid major parameter changes in the tank that might be fatal to sensitive aquarium fish and plants.

How to use Advanced Aquarium Water Change Calculator?

Step 1 (Old Water): Fill in the current parameters of your aquarium.

Step 2 (New Water): Fill in the parameters of the tap water.

Step 3 (Results): Enjoy!

If you don’t know some of the parameters you can leave that field with the default value of zero. This will not affect the other fields as each field is calculated separately.