Top 10 Betta Fish Plants for Your Vase or Aquarium

Improving the living conditions in a betta tank is crucial for the health and well-being of your betta fish. Plants are a great way to keep the tank parameters in balance and give your fish a more natural environment to live in. 

At the same time, a planted tank looks more beautiful and will bring out the true colors of your betta fish. In the wild, Betta Fish are often found in rice fields and the tropical streams in Thailand which are full of plants.  

Having live plants will give your fish a sense of security and a sense of being at home. Aquarium plants can also serve as excellent cleaning crew for your betta. These fish are known to sleep on the leaves of plants so having plants will give them a soft bed to sleep on.  

To make choosing the right plant for your tank easy, we hand-picked the best plants for you to have in your betta tank. All these plants are beginner-friendly and anyone can care for them. We also linked each plant listed here to our detailed care guide for that plant to help you learn more about each plant. 

So enjoy Betta keeping!

Betta Fish In a Planted Aquarium

Top Betta Fish Plants In A Vase

Most aquatic plants are too fragile to live in a vase. Fortunately, there are a few tough plants that can live in a vase if you have your betta vase near a window and doing your regular weekly water changes. The plants we listed below are among the hardest aquatic plants and can live in a vase if you give them enough light and clean water. 

1. Anubias

Anubias Nana Petite

The Anubias genus is one of the hardiest aquarium plants you can get. These aquatic plants are incredibly low-maintenance species and can live in a vase with your betta. The large leaves of this plant can give your betta a comfortable place to sleep or a great hiding spot when it’s under stress. Anubias are water column feeders meaning they do not need substrate to survive. You can leave the plant floating in the vase without any issues.

The Anubias genus has many different variants and most of them are small enough to fit in a vase. They will grow extremely slowly and will not need pruning or trimming. Regardless of the type you get, they all share the same care requirements and all are super hardy species. 

These plants are indigenous to the tropical regions of western Africa. but are now being cultivated in most countries around the world. They are almost always available in local pet stores so it’s very easy for you to get one for your betta fish.

You can find our detailed care guide for this plant here: Anubias Care Guide 

2. Buce Plants (bucephalandra)

Bucephalandra (Buce Plant)

Bucephalandra species, or “Buce Plants”, are known for their undemanding care and hardy nature. These plants are able to live in harsh conditions and will need low-light conditions to survive. There are many different types of bucephalandra species that you can pick for your betta fish. These plants can live in a vase or in an aquarium with your fish.

Once placing this plant in your Betta fish vase, you will soon see your betta hanging out on its leaves and playing around with it. Most Bucephalandra species are small and will not outgrow a vase. 

These plants are also very slow-growing species so you will not need to prune them so often. They are water column feeders and do not need substrate to survive. Simply place this plant somewhere in the vase and it will continue to grow.

You can find our detailed care guide for this plant here: Buce Plants Care Guide 

3. Marimo Moss Ball

3 Marimo Moss Ball

Marimo Moss Balls are one of the best greenery you can get for a Betta aquarium or vase. Moss Ball, despite its name, is a type of algae that forms naturally into a ball shape. This alga is a great addition to your betta vase as it can grow in any condition. 

They will also not spread and keep their ball shape at all times. We often see our Betta fish play around and roll the moss ball like a soccer ball. This plant will clean the water while keeping your fish entertained. 

Marimo means “Seaweed ball” in Japanese but it’s more common to hear Moss Ball as it has become famous for it now. 

You can find our detailed care guide for this plant here: Marimo Moss Ball Care Guide 

4. Java Fern

Java Fern (Ceratophyllum demersum)

The Java Fern is another great option to have in a betta vase or aquarium. This plant however grows tall leaves so you should only buy it if you have a taller vase. depending on the type of java fern you have, they can grow up to 6 inches in height. 

This plant is an excellent beginner-friendly plant that can grow without substrate. They also need minimal care and almost no pruning. This is because this plant grows super slow, especially if you don’t have a light source for your betta tank. The light that comes through the window is just enough to keep this plant alive but will lower its growth rate.

This plant is a rhizome plant so the rhizome should not be covered with the substrate. This is very important to remember as its tall leaves might make you try to push it down in the substrate. 

You can find our detailed care guide for this plant here: Java Fern Care Guide 

5. Java Moss

Java Moss

Java moss is without a doubt one of the hardiest aquatic plants you can have in your betta vase. This moss is well-known as a beginner-friendly plant in the aquarium hobby. Their hardy nature makes them live in and out of water when it’s humid outside. 

These semi-aquatic moss plants are quite easy to work with. You can simply get a clump of them and place them in your vase or attach them to decorations to create a beautiful aquascape. 

Java moss does not have any root system and absorbs nutrients from the water column making your betta fish tank clean. They also do not need a lot of care and can grow in any water condition. 

You can find our detailed care guide for this plant here: Java Moss Care Guide 

Top Betta Fish Plants for Aquarium

Most of the time pet stores sell Betta fish in tiny cups making new fishkeepers think that that’s the ideal way of keeping this fish. Yes, betta fish can live in a cup, But that is not the ideal living space for them.

A large vase is a minimum tank you should have for them; however, we always recommend having them in a larger tank. Having betta fish in an aquarium is much healthier for the fish and much more pleasant for you as you can aquascape the tank to look more beautiful.

A large planted aquarium can make a great home for a betta fish. It will lower the stress levels in your fish and can provide your betta with much more stable and clean water parameters. 

While all the above-mentioned plants can live much better in an aquarium. Here are some other plants that you can add to your betta aquarium to make it beautiful.

6. Water Sprite

Water Sprite Plant

Water Sprite is a dense growing fern species of aquatic plant that you can have in your betta aquarium. This stem plant is hardy and can withstand most aquarium conditions. This makes them a great plant for your betta aquarium. 

This plant is also very affordable and almost always available in pet stores. Their distinct leaf shape and lush green colors will compliment your betta’s coloration. They will also keep the tank super clean.

This fast-growing plant can grow floating or planted in the substrate. If you have a thick layer of substrate we recommend planting it in the substrate as it can establish its root structure and grow even faster. 

You can find our detailed care guide for this plant here: Water Sprite Care Guide 

7. Sword Plant

Amazon Sword Aquarium Plant

The sword plant or commonly known as Amazon Sword is a famous aquarium plant that can be a great addition to your betta tank. This plant can grow with minimal care and attention. They are exceptionally tough plants that are able to endure a variety of tank conditions.

A single sword plant is enough to fill out your betta tank. Sword plants are large species which makes them a great background plant. The large leaves of this plant will make your betta feel safe and sound and also have a great resting area.

Sword plants come in different shapes and forms but they all are great for a betta tank. Just make sure to give this plant a nutrient-rich substrate as they are heavy root feeders. The substrate should also be about 2 inches thick so it can fully grow its roots. 

You can find our detailed care guide for this plant here: Amazon Sword Care Guide 

8. Vallisneria

Jungel Val And Guppies

Jungle Val or Vallisneria is an excellent aquarium plant for your betta fish if you want to create a lush jungle. This plant is easy to care for and will grow large and tall. they will also continuously shoot new runners and propagate that will give your tank a dense jungle look. 

Vallisneria plants are endemic to the United States, and South America where water is warm and well-oxygenated. You will need to create a similar environment in your tank to make this plant thrive. They also need strong lighting so make sure you have a full spectrum plant light. 

When you first buy this plant it might not do well and even melt. But after some time you will see it starts to come back to life. They are super fast-growing species and need a good planted substrate to thrive. 

You can find our detailed care guide for this plant here: Jungle Vallisneria Care Guide 

9. Amazon Frogbit

Amazon Frogbit

This surface floating plant is another great plant to add to your betta tank. This plant will grow dense roots that will hang off the surface of the tank and will absorb waste from the water column. It can quickly cover your tank’s surface and give your tank a dramatic look. 

As with most floating plants, it needs still water to grow. So only get this plant if you have a slow-moving or still tank. The good thing is that betta fish also need still water so both the amazon frogbit and betta fish can complement each other. 

The long and silky roots of this plant will make your tank look a lot more beautiful. At the same time, they will absorb nutrients heavily, making your tank cleaner and healthier for your betta fish. 

You can find our detailed care guide for this plant here: Amazon Frogbit Care Guide 

10. Anacharis

Anacharis Plant

Anacharis is another hardy plant that you can have in your betta aquarium. They grow semi-transparent tin leaves that will make your tank much more beautiful. This plant is incredibly easy to care for and requires less maintenance. 

Anacharis is a simple yet beautiful stem plant that can create a dense jungle for your fish to explore. This plant can thrive in most aquarium conditions as long as you have good lighting conditions. They will constantly absorb the nutrients off the water making your tank much healthier for your betta. 

The Anacharis plant is readily available in pet stores and you can buy them at an affordable price. This plant can be a good choice for a betta tank as it can grow in low-tech tanks. When purchasing this plant, you might see this plant labeled as Brazilian Water Weed, Waterweed, or Elodea.

You can find our detailed care guide for this plant here: Anacharis Care Guide 


We believe betta fish are often mistreated and people usually keep them in small cups or bowls. Living in such a tiny place for a long time is not healthy for this fish. These fish should have sufficient space to swim and lots of live plants in their tank. If you have a fully functioning aquarium setup most of the aquarium plants can go in a betta tank as well. The plants we mentioned here are just our top 10 picks for this fish to help you start keeping plants in your tank. If you have any further questions please reach out to us on social media.